Inflatable Negative-Pressure Tent System

SOLO Isolation Enclosure

· Rapid deployment, quick set up in hospitals, businesses and makeshift patient care facilities
· Supplied as a turnkey solution or is compatible with existing HVAC systems
· Integrated anteroom acts as buffer between personnel transitions from one environment to the other
· Designed to meet or exceed CDC standards for air exchange and air-flow rates for infectious disease control
· Delivered with HEPA filtration to remove 99.99% of airborne contaminants at 0.3 microns
· Integrated pressure and air-flow sensors with visual display screen
· Lightweight and is easily transportable
· Transparent design for easy patient monitoring
· Full critical environment monitoring system
· Differential pressure
· Temperature
· Humidity
· ACH (air-exchanges per hour)

HEPA Filtration

  • H13 Medical-grade HEPA filtration removes virus, bacteria and pathogens from the air
  • Effective for every application – medical, commercial, residential and industrial
  • Powerful, 3-stage air filtration
  • Use stand-alone, or integrate with your HVAC system
  • Easy step-by-step installation, or we will direct you to a local HVAC contractor to install your system for you
  • Also available with carbon activated filter, designed for maximum odor absorption.

Integrated Monitoring

Dual Monitoring Capability of Air Exchanges and Pressure
· Efficient, Reliable Operation
· Used in Isolation/ Hospital Environments and
Temporary Units

SAVE Sensor Case

Includes all sensors and equipment to fully monitor enclosure
· 7” touchscreen monitor and control panel
· Temperature & humidity sensor
· Dual pressure transducer
· Pre-wired and programmed to maximize rapid deployment capability
· Rugged design ideal for mobility

Electrical Power and Pressure Pass-Through Plate

· Airtight electrical passthrough plate
· Simple, single connection for pressure and ACH
· 3 x 110 v multi prong outlets
· (4) total interior outlets

Air-Tight Zippers

· Sealed zipper system with easy to pull ’T’ handles for opening and closing

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